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I am so glad Pat asked about diagrams for a p15 rigging.
I desperately need this also.
I bought a P-15 at Elephant Butte Lake in New Mexico when I was living in El
Paso a couple of years ago.I never spoke to the seller and found no
description of the rigging. So ...I have been rigging it by "questimate".
However there have always been a few parts left over, which has not stopped
me from sailing it nor interupted my sleep...but has always had me wondering??

I sail on the Gulf Coast now and have still yet to see another Potter15.

The situation now has become critical since a part that connected the boom,
sail and mast fell into the Gulf at Mobile last summer, and I don't know how
to get another one or even what it looks like to fabricate it. My Potter is
an older one, hull# in the 800's, and IM said when I called them last summer
from Mobile, that they don't carry anything for older Potters. This was
indeed disheartening.

I recently found and joined this list and am hoping to get this solved for
the Fall sailing season here.

The boom on my Potter ends with a metal cap held on by two tiny side screws.
Mounted on that cap is a fixed metal "U" with a small removeable tiny rod
across the open paert of the "u" that faces the mast. There was another part
attached that joined the U to the sail and also somehow to the mast. As I
recall the boom was really joined more to the sail than the mast.

It could be that I never got it correct originally, but it always seemed to
me to be quite flimsy and quite difficult to attached through the sail

That is my biggest problem. I have thought of buying a new boom with the
supposed new and different connections if that would fix the problem. I can't
sail it till this is remedied.

Another much smaller problem is running rigging on the back of the boom. I
have a pulley that I know should probably go back there but wasn't sure how
to thread the main sheet usung it.

Since I am baring my ignorant soul, I will mention the drain in the back of
the cockpit. It came with a cork on a string hanging down from the IH metal
label on the back inside of the cockpit. I hope someone has ideas for
improvements on that; "classy " is not a word anyone sailing with me has ever
applied to that little arrangement so far.

You cannot imagine how refreshing it has been to read the list postings! I
love the boat and want to really get it fixed up and easy to use.

Please have mercy on me down here in "No Potters Land" and give me any ideas
or suggestions.

Susan Owen
P-15 "Erin"
Baton Rouge, LA