Re: X-Ray Door Score! - Will it handle the weight?
Tue, 10 Aug 1999 13:20:54 EDT

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<< Potterers,
Tonight I got lucky. A friend of mine clued me in that a doctor
was having his office remodeled, and that a lead-lined door was
being tossed out. I jumped in the car, and after Herculean
effort (and my wife's help!) got the extremely heavy door loaded
in the back of my station wagon. (Oh, I don't know how I get
myself into these things!)

My intention is to use the lead to add mass to my keel. I have
several different ideas how to do this:

1. Use a plasma cutter to cut out triangles out of of my keel,
and pour molten lead into the cut-outs.
2. Cut the lead sheet into two profiles of my keel, place them on
either side of the keel and glass everything together.
3. Simply rivet the two lead pieces to the sides of the keel.

I would like to hear your opinions of these options. Remember, I
have a Siren 17 with a swing keel. It looks like I enough room
to put a sandwich of lead on the present keel and still be able
to retract it.

Does anyone know the weight of a 3/16" one square foot of lead?
The door is about 20 square feet.

Also, I'd like to know if anyone know how to separate the wood
from the lead sheet? Are the wood door panels simply glued onto
the lead? What kind of glue, contact glue? Anyone know?

Looking forward to all your great ideas and suggestions,
Bill Longyard

Will your swing keel support bolt and attachments handle the extra weight.
It would be rough to be out in a good breeze and have the sucker fall off
cause it was too heavy...