Re: Re: P19 Traveler, mainsheet, and winch ??s
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 04:47:20 EDT

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Rob wrote:

>I'm also interested in alternate winch locations. Mine's
mounted at the
> back of the cockpit and the handle is always in the way in
some manner or
> other.

The keel winch on my 1985 P19 #266 is a located just to the right of the companionway, in the cockpit at the top of the front cabin bulwark. It's very easy to get to and very ergonomically placed. No bending over or back strain to use it.

The wire runs thru the cabin bulkhead directly forward (to the front starboard corner of the sliding hatch)to a turning block, then towards the center to another turning block the blocks over the keel. Then there's a three to one purchase system over the keel.

The winch is a nifty, tiny (4" high by 3" wide by 3" deep) stainless steel box. A little lever turns the rachetting off and on. It only turns one way with the rachetting feature turned on. It has a removable handle.

It has a 3/8" square hole for the handle. If I use the regular handle (8" shaped like a winch handle), I have to open the companionway door. The handle turns in a vertical circle, parallel to the centerline of the boat.

For a spare handle, I keep a 12" long 3/8" drive socket wrench handle on the boat. I get better mechanical advantage with it. By flipping the socket wrench to "clockwise" or "counterclockwise", I can keep the companionway boards in place and just crank the socketwrench handle back and forth to raise or lower the keel.

Jerry Barrilleaux has a neat keel winch arrangement. If my winch ever breaks, I'll copy his setup. He has a trailer winch mounted low on the compression post inside the cabin. The wire runs up along the compression post to a turning block on the ceiling and then over to the ceiling above the keel. Then down to the keel with multipart purchase. It's got very high gearing, so it's a cinch to crank it up or down.

Judy B.
1985 WWP-19 #266 "Redwing"
Sailing SF Bay, CA