Re: adding flotation to p-15

Bernard Johnson (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 08:42:13 -0700

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Ken, I don't know what amount and placement of foam there actually was in
that particular boat, but according to the account there is no doubt
that 1. There was foam in it, and, 2. The foam was factory

Having said that, I must agree that it appears odd that the boat would float
as described. I can only think that there was an excessive amount of weight
toward the the stern and/or the foam had absorbed water over time. My own
boat floated relatively level (when upside down), with the hard chine maybe
a couple of inches above the water line. There was absolutely no danger of
it sinking, and, in water of sufficient depth (to clear the mast), I am sure
I would have been able to right it (had the keel been locked down).
I think that it is relevant to consider the conditions (apart from panic and
stupidity, as in my case) that would cause a knockdown, rollover, capsize.
Such conditions would not treat a waterlogged boat too kindly. The interior
would be full to at least the level of the keel trunk (and initially more
full until water slowly drained out the keel slot), the boat would be
extremely unstable due to the water sloshing from one side to the other and
likely to initiate another rollover at any time, the cockpit would be full
of water due to the completely inadequate drain size, and you would be
shipping waves faster than you could pump or bail. On top of that you would
be wet through (and , apart from the super beings among us), disoriented,
confused and panicking. It is my position that a reasonable person would try
to envision everything that possibly could go wrong and take steps to
minimize the effects.
I, being the coward that I am have tried to do just that. I believe I am on
the right track.


happy life skills foundation wrote:

> Bernie,
> Are you sure that boat actually had flotation in it? I remember a while
> back someone wrote in about a potter 15 that swamped that floated with
> only around 6 inches of the bow sticking out of the water, the boat in a
> vertical attitude. Maybe Harry commented then that it seemed odd. there
> sure is a lot of flotation in my potter 15. I can't imagine it'd float
> that way if it swamped.....just curious.
> Ken Silverman, "vegan lorax"