Potter Mailing List operating costs *PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING*

Dennis W. Farrell (dfarrell@ridgecrest.ca.us)
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 17:05:40 -0700

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The operating cost of the Potter mailing list is $50/year. If I understand
correctly, in the two previous years it was paid by the Potter Yachters and
the East Coast Potter Association. This year it was paid by the Minnesota
Potters. The first two clubs are dues-paying clubs, and I understand that
the list fee was paid from their treasury. The Minnesota Potters are *not*
a dues-paying group. The members simply volunteered to chip in and pay the
cost. (I also had an offer from one individual to help pay the cost. I
declined that offer, for reasons given below.) My personal thanks to all
three groups

The list on the Potter Yachters site shows a total of 8 web
sites/clubs/groups [your choice of nomenclature]. There may be more not yet
listed there. I make this point because I personally believe that a
donation campaign among the general membership of the community is not a
good way to raise the required funds. Use of a group identity provides a
focus for collection, payment, accounting, and acknowledgment. It provides
a way to rotate the donation responsibilities in an identifiable way. This
way (hopefully) the usual list of donors doesn't get tapped every year.

One group suggested that we transfer the list to one of the free,
advertising-supported, mailing list sites. This is a possible option. I
investigated several. They all have one or more of the following
roblems -- there is no such thing as a free lunch:
-- advertising is attached to each outgoing item
-- the site owners claim copyright privileges over all material going
through their sites
-- many of the sites really push for maximum expansion of list
membership to better their advertising revenues

We are now paid through the end of next June, as I understand it. Past that
point, the group will make a decision by providing or not providing the
funding to continue. This specifically means that along about next May
those groups which have not so far contributed will be asked to volunteer to
pick up the tab. Hopefully one of those groups will volunteer to meet that

List Activity
The list host, TSCNet.com, has handled about 23 postings, 1 digest, and 7
administrative items each and every day in recent months. For this we pay
less than $4.25/month.

My personal thanks to Al Reust and TSCNet.com for supporting this list.

Best Regards to all -- dwf (Potter Mailing List maintainer)

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