Re: Main Sheet Position, Dogs and GPS gadgets

Ted Duke (
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 22:06:03 -0400

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Rye and gang,

Sounds like a good idea to move the attachment point forward on
the LOOONG boom. I'll look into that.

I wanted to go sailing today, but had other things to do this
weekend. BUT, this afternoon Helen and I modified my genny to
fit the CDI. I have a little hand stitching to do, but other
than that it's ready to go. Used the sailrite kit and no big
problems. Now I need to install the CDI itself and I will not
have to "climb around on the front of the boat" as my wife
describes it.

Your old dog is smarter than some of my sailing companions. <g>

Can't imagine why you would want an altimeter unless you were
west of the Mississippi! <bg>

Ted Duke
WWPs19 #626
The Duchess
Mountains of Virginia

Rye Gewalt wrote:
> Ted:
> Your recent comment about the problems short rigged boats have with the
> Main Sheet getting tangled in the motor got me thinking. Today I moved
> the attachment point on the boom about two feet in towards the mast and
> it seems to minimize the problem. My main sheet is 4:1 and I really
> can't feel any significant problem with the shorter lever arm. If you
> are sitting way in the back of the cockpit you might get tangled, but
> you shouldn't be sitting all that far back if you want to boat to point
> worth a damm. I left the attachment point on the boom end in case I
> have a cockpit full of guests and want to go back to the original
> configuration, but even then I wouldn't expect much of a problem.
> I tried it today on the Potomac in 15 - 18 MPH winds and it works
> great. First good sailing day on the river in a while. Temperature in
> the low 80s with nice light cloud cover to keep the sun at bay. Took
> the two 70 pound standard Poodles out and the old male, who sailed a lot
> with me on the Siren, still remembers to get on the high side when the
> boat heels. The Female is still clueless and walked off the dock onto a
> bed of floating hydrilla thinking it was solid land -- damm near lost
> her as she got tangled in the weeds and had a hard time keeping above
> water. Fortunately some bystanders pulled her out.
> The recent West Marine Flyer (or maybe it was Boats US) had one of those
> snazzy GPS units with full chart and nav capability that looks pretty
> neat. It is so well configured that it even has a built in altimeter.
> I suppose the altimeter is good for checking if you are at high or low
> tide and to make sure you are not accidentally sailing up hill. I am
> sure that Jim Nolan and the Rock Mountain Potter group might find if
> useful as I understand that many of the really good sailing lakes out
> there are located on mountain sides.
> Regards
> Rye