Lake Tahoe

Dan Rickert (
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 12:36:46 -0700

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Well all you who missed this weekends sail at Tahoe really missed out on an
experience. It all started Friday as we loaded up and started south. The
day was nice and the truck was running fine. We arrived at Tahoe Keys about
6:00 in the evening and set up the boat for launchuing the next morning.
Then we ambled over to the resturant for a quick beer and then on up to the
banquet set up upstairs. Being slightly late we were stuck off in the
corner( just kidding) but did have the great fortune to have Judy and Mr.
Judy( his name is Dave by the way, a really great guy) and a nice fellow
whose name is Jim (I think). I met so many new people and people I had only
met on the net that I can't remember all the names. The evening was a huge
success and everyone had a great time. Thanks to Geoff for setting it up.
The next morning we awoke and after breakfast we went back and waited to
launch. Some how I got volunteered to help Judy step her mast and do a
little wiring below decks.Then we launched our boat and headed out. Geoff
listened to the weather forcast and recommended that all should start out
reefed, good advise! The wind was howling off shore but the boat was
handling just fine. We tacked back and forth and after a few other boats
came out we set off for Emerald Bay. It was an exciting sail over but just
outside of the bay the wind started blowing in circles. Ther was no way to
tack into the bay so we all dropped sail and motored in. There were a lot
of power boats but no Jet Ski's. After beaching we got together and
everybody had a wonderful time watching the later arrivals try to find a
place to beach. Diner was informal although we did have the honor of being
present at 2 count them 2 christening ceremonies it was a sight and the
champagne flowed( well a little anyway). After a communal feed where
everyone kind of helped themselves to what was on the table we all hung
around and told lies intil bedtime. Anchoring offshore and spread out the
entire bay seemed to be filled with Potters. I awoke in the morning just
before sunup and the sight was spectacular. During the night we swung on
the anchor because the shore dropped off steeply and the stern anchor
didn't hold. So we were the boat you will hear about that took up half the
bay that night! I got out the stove and started making coffee and it seemed
to draw everyone from their boats. After a couple pots and a donut or two
everyone was awake. Judy was talking with someone about their beaching
rudder and next thing you know out comes a box of fittings and a tool kit
that shames what I have in my workshop at home! Last thing I saw was Judy
drilling holes in her rudder to add a cheek block. Because my skippers
tooth was starting to bother him we decided to get an earlier start back
and the wind was not up yet, so we and a couple of other boats motored back
to the marina. A quick takedown and we headed back home. It was a memorable
trip, the sailing was fun but the real joy was meeting the people and
sharing the experience with kindred souls. If you haven't yet made a Potter
gathering I recommend you do so at least once in your life, it is a memory
you will treasure forever. Well back to work, see ya on the web.
Dan Rickert First mate "THALES" wwp p-19 212 skipper Vagabond 14 dinghy #