Potter 15 as lawn ornamentation

David & chardy Lang (chrdvd@gte.net)
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 21:26:18 -0700

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Hi Gang,

I just returned from a three week trip to Washington state. Stayed with
relatives in Enumclaw WA. for a week. We left Long Beach CA and started our
way up the coast, camping as we went. On the third night we reached Crescent
city. We decided to explore the town so we drove around a bit. On a bluff
overlooking the harbor there are some houses right on the ocean. Driving by
I saw out of the corner of my eye what looked like a Potter 15 behind about
a 5 foot high fence. My curiosity peaked and I stopped the van and got out
for a closer look. What I saw I could not believe. There sitting right on
the end of the bluff on a bed of rocks was a potter 15, mast up, pointing to
the sea. No trailer. Just sitting there as (I dont like all caps but this I
cant resist) LAWN ORNAMENTATION!!!! her name was the Barney B. She looked in
perfectly good shape. Now I am a tolerant person and pretty much keep my
cool, but a p15 as Lawn furniture! If anyone knew the Barney B. we need to
have a moment of silence for a boat landlocked, forced to look day after day
out at the ocean she loves but not able to reach. Maybe some day a big wave
will come along and set her free to drift along to unknown lands and the
adventure she deserves! I almost knocked on the door to educate the person
on the merits on the boat he has so disgraced. My wife would not let me
though. Hey, maybe we can do a midnight rescue!