Re: P19 Lapper sheets
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 09:39:20 -0700

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It's perfectly clear, now that you have used the proper technical terminology.

If you ever come down here in the Bay Area and find you are getting
supercharged from too much oxygen, Space Systems/Loral in Palo Alto, where
I used to work, has an altitude chamber that we can put you in to pump the
atmosphere back down to your accustomed rarefied state.

I used to be a private pilot, but I gave it up when I moved away from L.A.
I just didn't trust any air that I couldn't see. I have a similar problem
sailing on that clear Tahoe water. I get vertigo when I look down and can't
see anything holding up the boat..


>In a message dated 8/17/99 2:03:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
>> "Close beam reach"?
>Sorry, Harry, I was trying to think of how one would describe a point of
>sail where you are sailing as close to the wind as possible. I guess that's
>exactly what I should have said. Or, perhaps I could have said, "Sailing
>with the pointy end of the boat going in the direction of where the wind is
>coming from, but just a little off to the left of that."
>I might have said, "Sailing with the square end of the boat coming from where
>the wind is going, but turned up to the right just a teensy bit" Along the
>same lines, I may have been a little more clear by stating that I must sail
>the boat so that the thingamabob at the top of the mast, that looks like one
>of those wind thingys on a barn is pointing back but just a scosh off to the
>right, or left, most of the time.
>Understand? It's the clear mountain air that does this to one's brain. It's
>like those folks from Los Angeles that come up here and think they're choking
>to death because they can't see any air, so they figger there isn't any!
>P-15 Lollipop
>N. Lake Tahoe, NV