Re: Trailer Tongue Weight Question - too much stuff in Caravan?
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 18:23:40 EDT

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Judy B wrote:
> The Caravan manual specifically advises you MUST tow in OD
to avoid
overheating the transaxles on the four speed tranny, which
is the one
you get when you order the tow package on the car. Gotta
read the manual.
Times change... that used to be true, but no longer. The
four speed model
with tow package is equipped with a huge auxillary tranny

> Best,
> Judy B

Rich Gort wrote:

I find this very interesting! I have a 97' Chrysler
Town&Country Van with
the factory towing package (heavy suspension, tranny cooler,
4 speed
automatic, etc) and while the specs for towing capacity seem
to be
identical to yours, the manual specifically states that "The
Overdrive range CAN be selected when towing. However, if
shifting occurs while in the 'D' range then the '3' range
MUST (their
caps) be selected to avoid transaxle overheating." Since
Chrysler Corp is
not exactly known for the best automatics in the industry, I
always use
"3" when towing anything. I also refuse to use "cruise
control" when
trailering as it causes more shifting to occur.

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Hi Gang,

I called Chrysler Customer Support. They contacted tech support and advised me that the advice printed in Rich's 1997 Grand Caravan Manual is generally considered correct. However, my manual for my 1996 Grand Caravan says otherwise on page 143.

They said it would be better for my tranny to follow the advice given in the 1997 manual. However, it would invalidate my 100,000 mile service contract and warranty to do anything other than what the owner's manual advises. I asked them to send me a letter advising me to use "3" rather than "D", and they said they couldn't put that in writing since my manual says something to the contrary.

What a ridiculous situation! I could wreck the tranny if I don't go to "3" when it shifts alot, but if I use "3" the warranty/service contract is invalid.

I'll just follow the advice given for the 97 Grand Caravan, and never mention it if I ever have to file a claim to get my tranny fixed.