Keel Trunk Leakage
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 03:12:48 EDT

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P-19'ers :

I know the subject of water seeping in through the keel trunk has been
discussed extensively here on the listserv, but I didn't pay too much
attention the first go-round. I am not looking to start a lengthy discussion
on the topic again, but could somebody please inform me what was determined
to be the best 'cure'?

Last weekend, the 1st Mate, 1YO daughter, and I spent the night on 'Wind
Shadow', in the harbor near Poulsbo, WA. (Puget Sound area.) The wind was
light at times, so we used the outboard about 50% of the trip. (We started at
Brownsville, and 'cruised' around Bainbridge Island.) I did notice it more
when the weight was equally distributed throughout the boat, (either me at
the helm, and the wife in the v-berth/foredeck or vice-versa), the boat would
take on water very slowly through the trunk. It seemed to be coming from up

I spoke with IM about the issue (briefly), and IM stood their ground saying
the small piece of rubber glued to the wood at the top of the keel is the
best system. I have had Wind Shadow out in *rough* water singlehanded, and
took on a little water. (Was fortunate not to take it over the rail, but
still flew full genny and main no problemo!) It seems that we took on more
water this time around with no wind/ swells than I did before. On 3
occasions we used a bailing sponge to bring out almost a full 2 gallon bucket
each time.

I am toying with the idea of replacing that 'not very useful' piece of rubber
for a piece of thick wetsuit material. (nylon fabric coated neoprene) Has
anybody gone this route with success? Sure, I may loose about a 1/4 of keel
in the water, but I would rather not have to worry about creating a wading
pool for the kiddo down below. Not to mention trying to get pants on,
before shoes in the morning without getting my socks soaked.

If anybody has a 'cure' I am open for ideas. It looks like a trip to the San
Juan Islands is in the near future, which means more than one night aboard,
and it would be great to not worry about seepage.


Russ deMent
borrowing grandpa's P-19
Silverdale, WA