Re: long distance cruising
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 13:19:23 EDT

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Dear Web Gang:
It really bothers me to disagree with Bill Zeitler who is one of my Web
Gang heroes, but nonetheless.
Most all of the P-14/15 Potter skippers seem to be both old and
courageous. We might have passed our time to sail to Hawaii. To attempt
something similar without the requisite youth, strength, experience, and good
chance of success is stupid.
I want to take a two month hike, but I lack the requisites and I don't
have the time nor ambition to secure them. But in lieu of this I did hike
down into the grand canyon last year, by myself, with full pack, and
wonderful memories.
I can't make a Hawaiian sail, or even any ocean sale, for lack of
strength, youth, and experience. But I am looking forward to taking my P-15
out on the Arkansas River, through the locks, and on into Arkansas from
Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is within my capabilities, not an unreasonable risk, and
I believe I might be justifiably proud of myself should I accomplish it
The moral I'm trying to establish is that If your common sense informs
you that your goal is too lofty, you can always choose a more reasonable goal.
I remember when I was a private in the Marine Corps in 1950. We received
a long lecture entitled, "A good marine is a live marine." They apparently
had too many courageous young privates getting killed in Korea. They were
trying establish that our first priority had to be survival in that a dead
marine didn't usually accomplish much.
"No guts - No glory" is a good name for a book or a movie, but that is as
far as it goes with me.
Richard S. Karam
P-15 #2098 Oops
Corporal USMC, 7th Marines (1950-51), Discharged
Oklahoma City

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<< > It was only last week that I was fantasizing about sailing to
> Hawaii.................not now!
> Bernie Johnson.

I agree with Geoff,

A number of my ten years in the US Navy were spent with a carrier-based jet
attack squadron. One of our mottos was..." no glory ".

Bill Z
Wilmington, DE

PS: We also used to say..." there is no problem so big that a megaton
can't solve " >>