Re: afraid of risk
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 23:45:43 -0700

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I agree. But I think you can often avoid the "dangling dong of destiny" The
message I took from Ernie Gann's book, "Fate is the Hunter," is that an
"ill fated flight" is one where the errors/failures add up until there is
no remaining avenue of escape. I like to keep multiple margins of error,
knowing that I won't anticipate everything that might happen.

Did you read about the experienced skydiver who was going to provide the
photo coverage of a group jump. He carefully checked his multiple cameras
before jumping, but he forgot to put on his parachute. Funny story? No, it
really happened.

Harry Gordon
P14 #234, Manatee
Mountain View, CA

>In any undertaking, I see three factors contributing to risk:
> - the undertaker (we can sure kill ourselves by doing things
> thoughtlessly or carelessly)
> - the implacable workings of fate (running afoul of this has been
> referred to as being 'diddled by the dangling dong of destiny')
> - the equipment (what we do it with: our undertaking tools, their
> quality and quantity, not to include their unplanned failure
> -- that's factor 2)
>I shan't go through the whole analysis, but I think you can see that
>if one plans and equips to withstand any single-contingency equipment
>failure and proceeds with care and thought, that driving an Interstate
>is far more dangerous than either sailing _or_ mountaineering. A
>non-limited-access highway is probably even worse.
>I can more easily predict, and survive or hide from, the things that
>might unexpectedly imperil me on the mountain or the sea, than I can
>the accident caused by the drunk or cretin in the next lane, or the
>sleepy commuter in the oncoming line of traffic.
>Personally, I feel much safer in/on the water than in either of the
>other (or many additional) alternative pursuits. I sail with PFDs but
>have never climbed with a parachute.
>Bill Combs
>WWP 19 #439 (Aug 1987)
>"Ursa Minor"
>Fort Walton Beach FL