Update on "Always"

Lars S. Mulford (mulford@bellatlantic.net)
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 21:43:17 -0400

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East Coasties and Web Gang:

In case anyone is interested, here is what I've done to "Always" thus
far in an effort to return her to her former glory. Keep in mind that
the former owner left her open and exposed to the elements (literally
open to the elements) for well over 2 years. While I expected some
work, I did not anticipate just how much. There is more yet to do, but
here is what has been tackled so far:

replaced entire electric system (he scrapped the marine wire I had in
her and replaced it with standard)
replaced fuse blocks, switches, lights (again, he pulled out what I had
and replaced it with substandard stuff)
replaced all lines, halyards, lanyards (all rotted from exposure)
replaced electric motor (he quite literally burned it up)
had interior of hull blasted and scrubbed clean
replaced flotation (he took it all out and then attempted to place
expanding foam under the liner - bad idea as he did it)
scrapped depthsounder/fishfinder unit (it also was quite literally
burned up)
refurbished exterior stereo speakers (they had water and possibly
ice/expansion damage)
refinished all exterior wood trim
patched fiberglass damage in cabin and gelcoat damage on exterior
replaced batteries (they were also burned up - gel-cell battery now
resides in boat)
repaired/replaced tires on trailer (don't ask - lets just say this guy
was a dunderhead)
repaired tongue jack
refinished/restored rubrail around entire boat
scrubbed/sanitized entire cabin interior
interior cabin cushions refurbished/restuffed and professionally cleaned

replaced all substandard hardware with stainless marine grade hardware
compounded/buffed/restored hull sheen
replaced "Always" name on port and starboard rear quarters (he had
ripped the script off)
added the initials of the 3 women in my life on the stern (Michele,
Katy, Rachel or MKR)
added flagstaff to bow pulpit (will fly the ECPA pennant; is currently
flying Norwegian flag)
using Jim Harrison's model as reference, designed and installed bimini
to cover rear portion of cockpit
utilizing Jim H and Jim C's idea regarding Speedmate speedometers, made
drain plug with impeller wire running through it
added hardware decals on boat where appropriate
moved tongue winch on trailer back (it is now 18" back from rear edge of
coupler to leading edge of winch mast)
moved tongue jack forward of winch mast (it was behind it before I moved
things to lessen tongue weight)
replaced bulb units and reran all electric on trailer
resealed all fittings
resealed both storage hatches in cockpit
added interior liners to hatches so nothing slides around under cockpit
any more
reran centerboard lanyard so it terminates in cockpit and can be
controlled from there
reinstalled stereo in more accessible location for ease of use
replaced tillar tamer
rebuilt stern ladder and replaced damaged components (looks like he
backed into something or something ran into it)

The local Boaters World really loves me. (g)

"Sea" ya!

--Lars S. Mulford, President East Coast Potter Association (ECPA) Come visit us at http://members.tripod.com/~SpeedSailor s/v Always P15 #2125, lateen rig, sailing greater Chesapeake region "Forgive, and live. Life is worth the challenge of living." --LSSM "Love is good; Love hurts; Love sustains; Love remains." --LSSM