Mast Donuts etc.

Sam Finlay (
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 10:29:46 -0400

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I guess I'll have to be cretinous here, but experienced sailors take quite a bit for granted. Sailing is full
of arcane terminology and concepts. (Many of the concepts are counter-intuitive like waterline length
determining a boat's speed.) This acts as a significant barrier to the inexperienced. This list has always been
friendly to beginners and if we want that to continue, I think we should at least make it clear when "inside"
jokes are in fact jokes. Such jokes tend to exclude and alienate people which is the last thing Pottering needs.
I'm not saying we should not have "inside jokes" but we should just be sure to get a many people as possible "inside" with us.
Sailing is a great past time / sport with a lot to offer but there is too much snobbery among the "initiated" and it turns off
wanna be sailors. Remember, today's disillusioned beginner sailor may well be tomorrow's jet skier
ridiculing "blow boats".
Sam (Cretin for the day)

PS. Bernie, w/ your title of Iconoclast, please stay off my desk top! I lose enough icons as it is. <BG> etc.

<I don't mind smileys so much, but what really frosts my cake are the "holier
<than thou" crowd and the "politically correct" cretins.
< I think if anyone is dumb enough to go for a
<"mast donut" they would be better off not buying a boat to start with.
<<BGWAMTIME> (Translation: Big Grin With A Mischievous Twinkle In My Eye)
<Love, Bernie the iconoclast.

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