Re: Cockpit Drain for P-19 - 2nd try
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 22:21:07 -0700

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I added a 1-1/2-inch drain to my P14 (which had no drain at all). The hose
is routed straight through the lazarette, and I installeed a flapper check
valve on the outside of the transom, just below the waterline, and offset
to one side of the rudder. I have a plug hanging by the opening in the
cockpit, which is just off the cockpit sole in the forward wall of the
lazarette, but the only time I took in some water through the drain and
needed the plug was with three men in the cockpit. All parts, except the
plug are in the West Marine catalog. It's hard to find a suitable plug of
that size. I'm using an auto engine "freeze plug" replacement, but the
metal part is rusting. I have a tapered all-rubber plug as a backup, but it
doesn't plug in as firmly as I would like.

Harry Gordon
P14 #234, Manatee
Mountain View, CA

Hi All
> Has anyone concidered leving the original drain alone and just adding a
>second drain straitght out the back of the cockpit about 2in up and 1 1/2 to
>2in in diamiter. With a flapper or some sorte of check. The large drain would
>get rid of any large volume of water fast and the stock drain could finish
>the job.As I recall a straight threw drain will remove water faster than
>making a lot of bends.
>Bruce Appling