Options, CDI, outboard and rudder

Sat, 28 Aug 1999 11:55:47 EDT

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Hi Brad,
I purchased a P-19 about 3 months ago. Here are my thoughts.

Definately get the options package: favorite thing are the outboard mount,
ladder, and lights package.

I agonized for a while about whether to get the CDI roller furling jig. I
finally did combined with a lapper sail. I'm very pleased with it. The
lapper gives the potter over a 20 Sail area to displacement ratio...nice for
the light wind gulf coast sailing I do. The CDI allows me to furl instantly
when a squalls aproach or when I need to slow down to anchor, dock etc. The
only problem is International marine didn't send along the manual. I had to
puzzle over the installation for a while before I got it right. It's also
available direct from CDI. but now that I've figured it out havn't bothered.
Also you'll need to decide to get them together...the sail most be custom cut
to match the CDI furler.

The 5hp is good match for the boat. I purchased the 2 stroke with alternator
since I was worried about wieght. Now that I've got the boat I'd agree with
others that the extra 10-15 pounds won't matter. I wish there was a 4hp 4
stroke available. The 5hp pushes P-19 to hull speed at about 3/4 troutle.

The rudder is probably my number one pet peave on an otherwise great boat.
The pivot point on the kick up rudder is too low. With the dagger board up
the rudder still extends about 6 inches below the keel...enough to
necessitate removal when beaching...and on the potter there just isn't much
room for the (d___) thing in the cockpit. The other problem is it doesn't go
down easily...I usually end up pushing it down with an oar.
I'm trying to modify the rudder now by raising the pivot point 5 inches
higher and conpensating for the lost water surface area by adding a 3 inch
filler to make the rudder wider.

Potter-19 "Cantrip"