Re: Leaking P19 keel trunks -- a diagnostic approach.
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 13:40:03 EDT

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In a message dated Sun, 29 Aug 1999 1:12:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Hamadas' keel trunk is constructed entirely of wood, and is much
> larger and sturdier than the newer glass ones. It also leaks like
> hell if I don't keep a thin gasket between the wooden trim on the
> top of the keel and the trunk. Using bungee tie dpwn straps keeps
> everything in place.
> Dik Richardson "I'd rather be in Baja"
> 'Hamada' HMS 18 #11
> 'Vas Kora' Islander 33 #363
> 'Maņana' Newporter 40 Ketch #87
> Hidden Harbor Marina, Rio Vista, CA

The keel trunk on Jerry Barrilleaux's HMS18 #48 in the only old one I've looked at in detail. It has a massively strong keel trunk that is made of wood and fiberglass (I believe). It's approx 5 inches wide and several inches longer from front to back than mine (even tho our keels are the same dimensions.) It also has transverse knee braces tabbed into the hull to keep it from flexing even a little bit. (they look like bookshelf brackes upside down) Jerry's keel doesn't need gaskets or even to be tied down to keep it from leaking. I was under the impression that all the old, original HMS18's didn't have a leaking problem.

Jerry, can you describe your keel trunk for us, especially compared to Dik's on #11? Greg Yu, does yours leak?

I'm not quite ready to give up on the hypothesis that keel movement could be making the keel act like a piston that pumps water, especially in tight spots where it can create very high pressure.

The keel assembly didn't leak until I glassed over the locking bolt. When I glassed over the locking bolt, I changed the forward and aft *position* and also increased the possiblilty of movement in the keel trunk.

Logic would indicate that the leaking is caused by either or both of these factors. Can any body else think of a reason why this would have happened?