Re: Safe mast raising Solo (was: Pottering Blunders-- ) Boom!
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 17:28:04 EDT

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In a message dated 8/30/99 3:30:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

<< Since the chance of being lightning struck is low in absolute terms
[before you object, Solar Fry, I live in Florida also; our probability
is relatively higher but still absolutely _very_ low] and is not
necessarily meaningfully decreased by lowering the mast by 18'or so,
the chance of accident, the effort involved, and the discomfort
induced tell me to leave the mast up. I'd advise that approach.


I agree with Bill's assessment 100%...

They say ground potential is so high that it makes no distinction based on
height. With it's power and speed it is not going to care if your mast is up
or down... If you have a bottle brush on your mast or not.. It all depends on
ground around you. If ground around you is charged up your a goner... "If
your hair stands up.. fall on the floor" is Herald Examiner (Florida's)

It may be small but it still scares me... It also is true you can get struck
sitting at home in front of TV... A home is poor protection. A car is
better... So claim the ex-purts. Other's claim you should be at home
under roof... I'm only repeating what I read in papers.. And.. we know how
reliable they are.. Tell it to the dude got hit and killed in his bed, at
home, somewhere in Orlando...

Then again there are people that have been struck several times and they are
still walking around...

Best thing is not to think about it..