Last Sail of the Millenium

Denise Rickert (
Mon, 08 Nov 1999 18:11:20 -0800

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Well group, while all of you were out enjoying your sail on the bay. I
squeezed(squoze?) in one last time on the water with a friend. My boats are
all tucked in for the winter,but I got to go out one last time on a friends
Balboa 27, before taking it out for the winter. The day started out dead
calm, not a ripple on the lake. We had just about decided to call it quits
after finishing our beers when off to the south I saw a small patch of
wind, it grew and spread to the end of the lake. Unfurl the jib cried the
captain, and a few minutes later hoist the main. Within 10 minutes we had
15-20 kn. winds with whitecaps. It was awsome!! The chop grew (you can't
really call it a swell on a lake) to about 3 ft. We reached accross the
lake a couple of miles and turned to come back. The wind had built to 20+
and on a beam reach she was healing hard and hauling. Once she broached on
me, that is a strange feeling to a dinghy sailor!when a 6000 # boat does
that. All in all it was a memorable afternoon and will have to keep me
until the snows melt next spring. Some times I envy you who live in the
more moderate climes , but that is the price I pay for living in paradise
the rest to the year. Best wishes to all and for now my sailing is confined
to the stories you all post on the 'net.