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1] It's {the blocks} are termed 'interior ballast'. the previous owner was probably
worried about any heeling. Or if it was the dealership, they were 'fudging' their
demo rides as bit.

2] Larry Brown, in one of his books, made the statement that he would like to see a
LIGHT WEIGHT WOOD centerboard (in a P-19) with a "couple of CINDERBLOCKS" as the
actual BALLAST. Someone might have been experimenting with this theory.

3] The 'fastening' is probably epoxy or poly resin. I wouldn't want to suggest the
usual method for breaking the bonds, it would probably damage the trunk itself. Try
these two suggestions:
A) get some DRY ICE, pack it around the base of the block (where the epoxy is)
use duct tape & rags to hold it in contact. When it gets to freezing, put a board
on top of the block (or on an end if the blocks are resting on the sole) and hit it
with a SLEDGE or SHORT MAUL - whatever is heavy with a lot of mass that you can
swing in the space available. WARNING - HAVE SOMEONE with you - outside the cabin,
and have the forward hatch open and a fan blowing FRESH AIR INTO the main hatch.
'dry ice' is CO2 and you can pass out from lack of oxygen.
B) Get a 'block chisel' and cut the block as close to the trunk as you can,
then try the 'Dry Ice' trick. Or try to carefully chisel & grind it flush.

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> From: John Purdy <>
> Hi Potters,
> I'm a newbie potter. Just picked up a P-15 #1206 a month ago that has been
> neglected since about 1987. I've been following this email list and found
> it quite interesting. I've got a question for all the experts of potter
> lore out there.
> While cleaning off years of grime and sponging out 10+ gallons of was at
> one time water, I found inside two rectangular blocks of concrete, one on
> either side of the centerboard trunk. The one on the port side was loose
> so I took it out, the one on the starboard side appears to be glued, or
> fastened into place as it won't move. Are these things supposed to be here
> I thought. I didn't get any paperwork about the boat to check. Maybe some
> people familiar with the boat could fill me in on what these concrete
> blocks are supposed to do. Or if it is normal for them to be there.
> Secondly, I noticed the center board appears to have been painted white in
> the past. Now it's mostly coarse rusty surface. I read on a web site
> recently that someone had cleaned their 30 year old center board that was
> galvanized. My P-15 is an '82 , apparently a demo boat in '82 and '83 for
> a dealership that used to be here in the Portland Oregon area. Did they
> not galvanize the center board that year ? Is it possible to have it
> cleaned and galvanized now ? I'll probably just clean it and paint it
> again. Any recommendations? From sailing other boats I know that having a
> super smooth centerboard can help the performance of the boat (not that a
> P-15 is a performance oriented boat.)
> Thanks for any response
> BTW my age is 4 twice, but not 8.
> John Purdy
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