Re: Y1K Penultimate Southwestern Potter Club Sailing Excursion
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 23:03:30 -0800

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Bill Boyer wrote:

>With the logistics of a one way voyage behind us, we
>got under way about 11am. ...
I've participated in a couple of those one-way passages--one across
Monterey Bay and one down the Sacramento River. In both cases we had
willing nonsailing family members drive our trailers to our destination.
That worked well and enabled us to depart promptly. We were to be out two
nights on the river trip, so our wives just drove the trailers home. On the
second morning out, conditions convinced us to shorten the trip and land at
a different ramp than originally planned. We called home, then waited for
the trailers to arrive.

>...I had planned to tie up at the American
>Legion Post 291 Yacht Club in Newport Harbor for the
>night. When I arrived at ALYC around 6pm I was
>pleasantly surprised to see Bill Payne and Pilgrim
>already tied up at the dock. Later at the bar the
>Little Zephyr crew showed up. They opted to pull out
>and head for Kingsburg early Sunday. Bill Payne and I
>slept in our P15's Saturday night and after a hearty
>breakfast, motored over to Newport Dunes to pull out
>and head home. While the weather and mechanical
>problems changed our plans, we had a good time and
>everyone was safe.

I had never heard the outcome of the low bridge question raised earlier. I
presume that after spending the night at the ALYC, you lowered masts and
motored under the bridge to Newport Dunes.

Little Zephyr sure gets around. She was at the Potter Yachters SCA
Challenge event in Alameda two weeks ago. Of course, Bill Payne is
everywhere too.

I presume Norm's Popeye is Steve Barnes' former boat. Is it still lateen
rigged? Steve and I were both converting our boats to lateen rig at the
same time. To my knowledge, there have only been four lateen-rigged
Potters, so I like to keep track of them. (Has anyone ever encountered
Larry Brown's Fearless?)
>Since our goal is to have a sailing event each month,
>we have tentatively set December 18 and 19 as our next
>dates. We plan to sail out of Ventura Harbor to
>Anacapa Island for an overnight then back to Ventura.

But those are the shortest days of the year!

If you haven't already, you might read De Marsh's account of a two-Potter
overnighter at Anacapa. <>

>If the weather looks questionable, we may change our
>destination to something compatible with the elements.
> Safety First! This will be our final event of the
>Millennium. We are tentatively planning a trip to the
>Coronado Islands (Mexico) 20 miles off San Diego in
>January. If you would like to join Southwestern Potter
>Club, just drop me an email at ANTARES6527@YAHOO.COM.
>If you want to talk, my home number is 949-770-4132.

Your club is taking on a lot of ambitious sails. You must be a pretty
experienced bunch. There's some safety in numbers, but I've noticed the
fleet tends to get pretty spread out on long sails, so each skipper needs
to be prepared to be on his own.

P14 #234, Manatee
Mountain View, CA