Wednesday's WTO Events--Whats really going on in Seattle

Thos. Westerman (
Thu, 02 Dec 1999 16:52:31 -0700

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This is a first hand account of a friend of mine in seattle about what is
going on up there. Seems the news reports are a little watered down, which
angers me about journalism. If you feel similarly, forward this account to
people you know. email me back ( if you need
verification of the original author.
I hope this is not a shadow of things to come about y2k related riots, etc.
>Hi Everyone,
>Well, the insanity continues. On a good note, there was a sit-in last
>night in a major intersection downtown and at 7 pm (curfew time) they got
>up and peacefully marched out of the downtown core. I saw it live.
>On the other hand, today the media is selectively using the footage that
>*I saw live* and leaving out all the good details, making it seem more
>inflamatory than it is.
>Residents of Capitol Hill, which is NOT a curfew zone, were getting gassed
>and more, and some were so pissed off that *they* started yelling at the
>cops to leave them alone. It seemed that Capitol Hill was the worst area
>ravaged yesterday and there are no WTO events there at all.
>While I think the police have done a *mostly* credible job, I saw some
>events that really pissed me off on the news last night. Some officers
>seem to be going overboard on the control issue. A woman who works
>downtown was trying to get into her car and they sprayed her with pepper
>spray (I don't think it was tear gas). She was pissed and crying and THEN
>the officers backed off and made a halfhearted gesture to help her. Some
>out of town media people were running away as requested and a woman fell
>down. It looked like she hit her head and she rolled off the sidewalk
>over the curb. Two men stopped to pick her up and help her keep going and
>an officer came right up and sprayed pepper spray (mace) all over their
>And I really feel for the residents of Capitol Hill. It was like a war
>zone until about 4 am. I haven't talked to David yet but even as far away
>as he was, the cops were using the alley behind his apartment, etc. And
>our friend Jen is about 1.5 blocks closer to the confrontations. She got
>teargassed just walking from her brother's apartment (next to David) to
>her own, 1.5 blocks away.
>However, many demonstrators won't even explain what their cause is, so I'm
>not terribly sympathetic to them either. The large organized
>demonstrations are over and done with as scheduled. And now anarchists
>from Oregon are taking responsibility for the vandalism and looting that
>has gone on.
>At least I did not smell the gas in the air this morning. It was very
>blustery, with lots of wind and rain, last night and early this morning.
>My area is fine, for the most part, but the US Forestry department hidden
>next to us is paranoia freaks. They called the cops on the billboard men
>Monday, and today they called the cops (with 3 cars responding) regarding
>some people that were waiting for a ride from a van. Sure, they were
>undoubtedly protesters, but I'm also sure they didn't know Forestry is

>even here, plus even with sitting on the cold cement and waiting a long
>time, they turned around and smiled at me when I parked this morning.
>Oh yes, very evil vicious people. Their van came and they left.