Off Seattle Events--> On to Christmas lights on Potter

Thos. Westerman (
Fri, 03 Dec 1999 09:57:40 -0700

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>All: discussion of events in Seattle may be of great interest to some, but
>it is about as far off topic as one can get for a West Wight Potter mailing

Ok, and my apology, although I do appreciate the feedback from our seattle
members, and we also previously talked, at length, about *other* disasters
on this list (hurricanes and flooding).

Now... On to a Potter topic I have been anxious to discuss...CHRISTMAS

Here in Colorado, its snowing like crazy today. Very wintery. Not a good
day for sailing here (or this season for that matter). For the christmas
spirit I decided two months ago that when christmas time came I wanted to
uncover my mothballed P19 (which is in the driveway), raise her mast in
defiance of the season, and raise the two sets of clear christmas lights
up the forestay and backstay. I bought them specifically for that purpose.
I thought it would be very "different" and fun to decorate my sailboat in
the driveway here in colorado. Sure were going to do the house, but to do
your sailboat--now that is a cool trick--especially in Colorado!!!!!!

Formerly I have seen this done in coastal communities. In Seattle there is
a christmas eve parade of lighted decorated boats through the ship canal
and lake union. In San Diego I saw posters for a similar event this month.

So, Anybody else think this is a good enough idea that they might try it
for their household? Other Christmas boating themes are abundant. Over
Thxgiving in San Diego I bought a little orange lifejacket christmas tree
ornament at West Marine in Point Loma.

I will take some photos in the next few weeks and post the location so
list members can see how it turns out if they desire.

Thomas Westerman
P19 #578 (still debating on several names)
Colorado Springs (formerly in Seattle a few years back)