Re: Leaks and curtain tracks

Ted Duke (
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 20:19:55 -0500

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I haven't been knitting. SOME of us have to work once in awhile
<g>. I did get in a couple of sails in October-November. Then
I got a sinus infection and I've either been too busy or it's
been too cold.

Had a quick sail Sunday when Tom (grown son) and I went to pull
the boat. TOO Much wind for us novices. Sailed most of the way
across the lake and back to the pier in about 30 minutes. I let
Tom sail her across and the further we went the faster the wind
blew. Some whitecaps became MANY whitecaps. When he said maybe
it was too much wind I agreed and told him to turn 180 and run
right back up the creek. He said "Don't you want to do it?". I
convinced him it was okay for him to do it and he did fine
although I was "attentive" and I think he was "scared". Or was
it the other way around. <BG> Was too cold for me by the time
we got back anyway, so we pulled the boat, scrubebd her at the
carwash and went home.

Darn, wanted one more nice long sail. Maybe I can get her in
the water in later March and sneak away from work early during
April. I know, I'll take customers sailing>>>>

Saturday stow the gear and start on the list of "want to
do"s". I know, you Floridians and Californians can still sail,
but then I get to live in the most beautiful place in the world.
(Bet that will keep the activity on the list going for a few
days! BG>

Ted Duke
WWPs19 #626 The Duchess
Cold Mountains of Virginia (I know Coloradans and Minnesotans,
it's just chilly here)


Rye Gewalt wrote:
> You (Ted) said in your recent message regarding leaks:
> ....I get a lot of water in the side shelves when it
> rains......
> I chased the same problem over the summer and finally found it
> was leaking in from the curtain tracks. Eric mentions this
> too in his message of earlier today. I was amazed at the
> amount of water that came in through the rivets and finally
> replaced them with flat head screws and big dollops of
> silastic under the tracks where the screws come through. It
> seems to have worked.
> I'm glad to see a little activity on the list. I was starting
> to think everybody had taken up knitting or something.....
> Regards
> Rye