Re: new hatch cover and other winter projects.

Ted Duke (
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 22:46:51 -0500

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I think you have some good ideas!

Eric Johnson wrote:

> How did you lose it? i've left mine detached for long periods of time > with no ill effect.
----------I didn't lose the hatch, just busted the hinges.

> Yeah, i really like the thought. I'm hoping to put just a little curve > into it too for a little more classy look.
---------Hummm curved lines on hatch. more food for thought!

> I've thought about that, and I'm thinking that hinges should stay
> where they're at - i think it will make rough-weather sail changes
> easier (from inside the hatch).
--------you have a point about hatch facing forward. Will have
to put some thought into that.

> Change the 3/4" cockpit drain to 1.5",
--------I did 1 1/2 " cockpit drain. Highly recommended.

> * add a drain to my cockpit storage compartment so I can use the !@#$
> thing. I think I'll just use my leftover 3/4" thru-hulls to make the
> compartment drain into the cockpit so I don't have to add another
> drain to the transom.
--------I also am going to install a drain from the cockpit
water collection unit (storage compartment) and also put a cover
on it. Thinking of a cover attached by one stainless nut and
bolt at the top so it can swing to either side. Haven't measured
it out, but think it should work.

> * Probably ditch my kickup rudder altogether and buy or build a fixed > rudder
--------I was going to rework my folding rudder. My son
suggests I leave it alone and build a non-folding one to use
when I sail at Smith Mountain Lake where I seldom would need it
folded, and could just remove it, and jusy keep the other for
when I go to the Muddy Potomac or wherever. Actually when
towing I can carry both since I tow with an F150 and have room.

-------Happy Projects for the year 2000!