Replacing P-15 Cockpit Drain

Bruce Hood (
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 16:30:21 -0800

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Kristin, after ten years or so into the time we had our P-15,
I ( and a few others if I remember correctly ) had the drain
tube shatter in much the same way as your describe. An
inexpensive fix which many of us utilized at that time was to
get a short PVC water pipe fitting.. about an inch and a half
long threaded with a flange around the end..and a thread on
ring, then with a round file carefully enlarged the hole a little
bit at a time until the PVC fitting would go thru the hole ( this
involved enlarging it from about 7/8 of an inch to 1 inch), and
then we'd take the part out, slather it with white marine silicone
caulk as a glue, poke it back in the hole and thread the ring onto
the threads sticking out through the transom,tightening it lightly..
and voila... tube repaired and better, because the larger tube will
let water out of the cockpit faster, if a wave dumps some water
in..( a rare occurence by the way ). If you go to your local
hardware store and just browse the parts bin for white PVC
one inch fittings for sprinkler systems etc. I am sure you will
find some pieces that will work.. total cost will be a dollar or two
for the parts and two or three dollars for a small tube of silicone
caulk, and if you don't have one, two or three dollars for a small
rat tail file to enlarge the hole slightly with...
This advice is for the P-15 Mark 2 potter... which is what we
hope things work out quickly and easily for you..
best wishes..
Bruce Hood P-15 Aillte, Sail no 1246 since 1985