Re: Fresh water wash
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 16:39:45 -0800

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Although I just said I don't routinely flush my Seagull, now that I think
about it, there is something in the manual about running the motor in a
barrel. The instructions were to remove the propeller (no neutral on my
Seagull); otherwise the turbulence throws the water out of the barrel. Also
you shouldn't run it for a long period because the water heats up.


>Sorry, I dumped your new address.
>Anyway, you asked about salt water in your engine. In Japan we do not
>clean our engines - of course, the boat is moored in salt water...
>However, here I'm rinsing my motor. I bought a second plastic garbage can
>(30 Gal?) and put a 5 gal plastic paint can inside it. (When the motor is
>running it has a tendancy to bounce about in the can, so I put it in the 5
>gallon can inside the bigger can to protect the bigger can.) Fill both
>cans over the lip of the 5 gallon can, put the motor in and run it as long
>as you like. After our last venture, I removed the prop and this cut the
>water action considerably. Eventually I'll build some sort of stand on
>which to rest the motor. At present I just stand there and hold it.
>There are heavy duty plastic bags that fit under the motor and strap over
>it (like a feed bag for a horse). I've seen them at boat shows.