Re: Only gentle responses please
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 11:07:56 -0800

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West Wight Potter Website at URL
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One of us is confused as to which list is which. The
list is the original general WWP mail list. It was originated by Joe
McWilliams in Nacogdoches, TX, and is now maintained by Dennis Farrell (at
a different server) in Ridgecrest, CA. The highest volume is on this list.

The Potter Yachters (Northern California club) also use
because we don't have our own list. The Texas club may also use the general list.

The ecpa list was established later, primarily for the East Coast Potter
Association (ECPA), although I believe it is open to anyone interested.
There is also a Northwest list, and some other regional clubs may have
their own mail list. Check their web sites for info. The URLs for all the
known Potter web sites are listed in the Links section on the PY web site
at <>.

My humble recommendation is to use the regional lists only for items that
could be of interest only to the locals--local get togethers and such. Any
general interest Potter posts should go to the main list at

I generally assume everyone is on the WWP list, so, if I reply to someone
with information that might be of interest to others, I address the reply
only to If I address also to the person I'm replying
to, that person will receive the same message twice. A personal reply is
sent only to the individual e-mail address.

I'm subscribed to the WWP list, the Northwest list, and the ECPA list.

Harry Gordon
Potter Yachters
Mountain View, cA

Richard Karam wrote:

>I hope the two lists remain separate. The tscnet (Texas) list is very
>specific to people who belong to their group. Though I am in Oklahoma I
>enjoy following them and hope to join them next summer on some of their
>The ecpa (Potter) list is wonderful. It's only shortfall is that it has so
>blasted much volume. It doesn't need nor should it have any additional
>The winter bound Yankees who need winter diversions get off of the subject
>now and then, but we all understand their problem.
>It is not a good idea to mess around with a successful operation. Everything
>is going imperfectly well. That's about as good as it gets with this many
>people involved.
>Richard S. Karam
>P-15 @2098 Oops
>Oklahoma City