handheld VHFs

Lars S. Mulford (mulford@bellatlantic.net)
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 17:48:28 -0500

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East Coasties and Webgang:

I use an Apelco 5200. It is about half the size of my former handheld,
an Apelco 501 Plus. It has all the features my 501 had, plus more
memory. Nice red backlighting, large and easy to read screen,
COMPLETELY submersible, comes with recharging stand, 2 battery packs
(one holds AA batteries, the other is a rechargable pack), and a host of
other stuff plus a bunch of other features. (Just remembered, it also
comes with a sheath to prevent scratching and stuff, although I don't
use it.)

Many ECPA sailors use this model and I can tell you from practical
experience that it is durable, easy to use, and submersible. I dropped
mine in the water on Indian River Bay near the boat ramp and it was in
there for about an hour before I realized it was missing and located
it. I pulled it out of the water (it was still on) and it was fine.

It is a pretty complete handheld VHF.

I got mine from Boaters World for $225. I thought it was a good buy
then, considering it's compact size, ability to get out (for a handheld)
and the fact that it is submersible. Last time I checked, Boaters World
had them on sale for around $180, which is a GREAT buy.

"Sea" ya!

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