Re: Oarlocks for a P-15 or P19?
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 12:19:04 EST

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I hope you guys keep that motor in working order..

I tried sculling my P19 with a long oar and was only able to direct a
drifting P19 in general direction wind was pushing it. Something I could
have done with tiller. A helper with more able hands was barely able to make
any headway at all against a minimal sailing breeze of 4 MPH. I find you can
only affect movement in a direction if there is no wind. Those high sides
extract their toll in drift and windage..

An experiment with a 50 lb. thrust Minn Kota generated ample movement as long
as there was no current and wind was under 5 MPH. I think it moved the P19 at
about 1.5 or 2.5 knots against wind. Kinda discouraging in an area where
most currents run at 3.5 to 6 MPH.

I imagine a P15 would be much more suitable to a pair or even a single oar.
But not much if there is decent wind. My wife is unable to move the 13'
utility sailboat against a wind while rowing. (She got into a health and
rowing kick for about a month or so.)


In a message dated 12/21/99 9:06:57 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I found that paddling solo, the best way is to do so off the bow
or sculling off the stern. That's almost the only way to get any
momentum that's useable. It helps if you know the J stroke if you
do try to paddle off the sides.

Now that's a great idea! Blades down, looms up and attached to
mast. The only problem I see is finding a way to drop sail without
having to "drop" the oars first.

Bill B.
P-19 #454, Dream Catcher
Nampa, ID