mind boggling moon--Night Vision Devices

Thos. Westerman (thomasw@vanion.com)
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 10:02:48 -0700

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>Hi: My wife and I also caught the great Moon Show last night, here in
>central North Carolina-- It was good to have the
>first eye-witness account (Thos. Westerman's from Tahoe??),

I'm (Thomas Westerman) in Colorado-- GST is in Tahoe... (Just for the
Record). I imagine that Tahoe might have had less "light pollution" from
surrounding city lights than Tahoe might have had--but I have no hard
evidence that such is truly the case.

One comment my I made to my wife last night was how well a "night vision"
device would work under the conditions. I have wanted to get one for a
long time for night boating and for the novelty fun value. So DO ANY OF
YOU ON THE LIST HAVE A NIGHT VISION DEVICE? And if you do, have you used
it boating: spying on other boats when anchored, watching for night
activity, or looking for where the rocks or dock are etc?
I have had two but each I was so dissimpressed with for the price that i
returned each of them. I have noted the low cost "no batteries" piezo
elec. models that are out now and cheap and thought I might get one of
those for never needing batteries and being about half what the other ones
I had kind of owned had been (so I might be accepting of the quality/price
this time).
Anyone got one or used one?