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Thomas Bodine (
Sun, 26 Dec 1999 09:22:55 -0600

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>>You folks out there with p19's, are they hard to set the mast up by
>>I am 51 and not in the best of shape and if I get a 19 I do not want it
> Raising and Lowering the 22' mast on the 19 is no picnic , even with a
>helper(two hepers are the minimum in any but calm conditions)

Charles & all

>From the time I started thnking about buying a potter until this october.
I read these statements about mast raising with concern. I took everyone's
advice to heart. I puchased Frimi with the "mast raising system (MRS)."

When I first got her, I tried to push the mast up from the cockpit and was
rewarded with a charly horse for my effort. After that I always used the
MRS or the help of friends I was sailing with. Rigging and derigging adds
time to my preparations for sailing and I am slow to set up anyways.

I often sail with a thin yet wirey friend who had not had the benefit of
this list. More than once I would find he had already raised the mast on his
own while I was still getting the gin pole ready.

This last october I was setting up to go sailing in Matagorda Bay. The wind
was blowing from the east at 10 mph. Frimi lay on her trailer with her bow
pointed North West. I was on the cabin top and unwilling to jump down to get
the gin pole. I just attached the mast to the mast step with the aft mast
pin, bent over and pulled the mast up. No problem with raising her, but I
did resort to using the MRS block & tackle to warp the mast enough to put in
the forestay.

Even so I believe the MRS is very handy to have. I still use it. This summer
I found it quite helpful while we tried to raise Frimi's mast on Galvestion
Beach in three foot breakers.

BTW: The whole story of my great mis-adventure is on my home page:

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