Re: South Bay Sail?
Sun, 26 Dec 1999 21:31:19 -0800

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Dave and Chris:

Sounds good! Mind if I join you Wednesday? Hope the mild weather sticks
around for a while.

I don't recall having that problem with the genoa, but I've used it rarely,
and it's been a while. The genoa sheets should be outside the shrouds. Then
the sheet lead may need to be adjusted fore and aft to prevent the
backwinding. If you look closely at photo
<> you can see
the location of the genoa track, just aft of the companionway bulkhead.
It's located according to the instructions that Herb Orford gave me when I
bought the genoa, and seems to work okay. The forward end of the track is 5
ft forward of the transom. The track is 15 inches long. I move the block
fore and aft along the track according to the wind strength.

I seem to remember Jerry saying the P15 doesn't point as well with the genoa.


>In a message dated 12/26/99 6:15:39 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
>> Any Potters planning on being on the Bay this week? I'm looking at Wed in
>> Redwood City myself. Love to hear plans of others.
>I'd love to go on Wednesday if you are looking for company. I took my brother
>and his 16 yr. old son out today at Redwood City and it was a nice time. It
>was dead calm until about 11 AM , then a little breeze came up and we had one
>of those "easy going" sails that's great for beginners. It's hard to believe
>how warm and sunny it is considering it's the end of December.
>We used Harry's Mk. 1 Genoa since the winds were so light. It was great off
>the wind but I can't get the boat to go to windward worth a damn with the
>genny. As I sheet in the genoa it looks like it backwinds the main - There's
>no weather helm and the leeway (judging by our wake) is terrible. Can I get
>some advice from someone experienced with the P-15 genoa?
>Dave Kautz
>P-15 #1632 Tilly Lucy
>Palo Alto,CA