Why boats at Marina's look abandoned and unkept.

Thu, 30 Dec 1999 12:16:16 EST

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Someone asked why boats at marina's look unkept. I was writing a reply when
I lost power and his e-mail address. I hope you forgive me for sending this
reply to the group.

>From personal experience:

Do you remember what happens right after you wash and wax your car? It rains!
If you drive around that day it will look like you never ever clean it. Same
thing with boats on water..

It is not that boats in marina's are unkept. It is more like when you place a
boat on water for more than 3 days it becomes a toilet and attracts all shit
floating on water and air. You can wax a boat to pristine condition and it is
guaranteed it will rain. Put the thing on water for more than 3 days and the
wax will evaporate due to rain, zoot and acids in air. By the fourth day it
will be covered by soot, ashes and dirt. The first rainfall will leave black
soot marks all over boat and by third rainfall it will look like it has not
been washed in 20 years. Short showers are the worst offenders, while long 3
or 4 hour rains pack less dirt, dust and soot. Unless you have a weekly
cleaning service your boat will always be a pigsty a week after you washed
and waxed it if you keep it at a dock/marina.

Unfortunately automobiles leave a black soot in the air that deposits minute
by minute on all boats.

I have had boats on Marina's and can certify that one week after it was
cleaned spotlessly the boat looked like a garbage truck had dumped junk and
dirt all over it. I have my P19 docked behind my house. I washed and waxed
it last week. Obviously the wax attracted the rain which immediately covered
it with soot, ashes, dirt and even leaves. By the middle of the week it
looked like I had never touched it. So much for having a clean, pretty,
beautiful boat..

The only way to keep a boat looking new is to leave it on a trailer covered
by a tarp or parked in a garage.

Why do I keep my boat on water? When I feel like a sail all I have to do is
put the sails on, cast off and I am sailing. You cannot do that with a
trailer boat.. You first have to hook it up, check everything, tie it all
down, drive for a while, get to ramp, setup, raise mast, wait for other
boaters to let you use ramp, untie boat, put boat in water, unhook winch,
pull trailer out, park trailer and car, pay fees, walk to boat, setup some
more, motor out, get to sailing area, then you can sail...

I bought the thing to sail it.. I don't get to do that in summer as it rains
every day with thunderstorms. But I do get to sneek in a sail for an hour or
so between the rainfall and lightning. That would be impossible if I kept it
on a trailer.