Feb. 15 Safety Day at Redwood City Launch Ramp.  Coast Guard Auxiliary Safety Inspections

March 1 and 2, Weekend sail at Richmond.

Class at OCSC March 1, 06:30-09:30
Navigation I
---Aids to Navigation (Bouys, lights, range markers, channel markers, etc)
---Chart Reading
---Chart Symbols
---Reading and Interpreting Tide and Current Charts

Class at OCSC March 2, 01:30-04:30
Navigation II (Nav I is the prerequisite)
---Taking Beraings/Fixes
---Charting Conventions
---Plotting Fixes, Courses
---Current/Leeway Corrections

March 15 and 16, Weekend sail at Richmond.

Class and BBQ at OCSC March 15, BBQ 04:00, Class 06:30-09:30
Seamanship 1
---Right of way rules
---Lighting requirements & intpreting lights on other boats
---Sound Signals
---Safety equipment
---Line Handling/Basic knots

Class at OCSC March 16, 01:30-04:30
Seamanship II
---Skipper Rssponsibilities
---Harbor Procedures
---Handling Emergencies

April 5 and 6, Delta overnighter Launch from Brannen Island, sail to Lundberg Landing, return to Brannen Island on April 6.

April 23-27 Sail Expo at Jack London Square in Oakland.  Latitude 38/Bill Tepelow presentation (actual date to be announced later)

May 3 Oakland Estuary Salt and Pepper Sail from 5th Street ramp

May 17 and 18 Woodward Reservoir (maybe some "stupid boat tricks" taken from the rodeo format).  Beach Camping and a cell phone to report obnoxious neighbors.

June 7 and 8 Overnight at Richmond with a day sail to Angel Island.  Also possible education event on this weekend at Richmond

June 28 and 29 Eagle Lake

July 3 through 7 Delta anchor out and fireworks cruise.  Actual launch and destination locations still under evaluation.

July 18-20 SCA Cruiser Challenge on Monterrey  Bay

August 10 Redwood City Day Sail

August 23 and 24 Richmond to Loch Lomond with overnight at Richmond Harbor

September 6 Oakland Estuary Day Sail

September 20 and 21 Enchanted weekend at Tomales Bay

October 5 Daysail at Richmond

October 18 and 19 Monterey Harbor overnight

November sail - to be determined at a later date.