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Mounting a Barton Furler on a WWP 19
to keep the existing forestay in place.
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Turnbuckle assembly transfers stress of sail loading
from deck to the strong bow eye location.


     The inside of the chainlocker and the deck installation.

Note that the chain link positon is reversed from the sketch and that there are two links because the turnbuckle was just a bit too short.

From top to bottom you can see:

        1. The Home Made Attachment Plate.
        2. The Turnbuckle.
        3. Two Chain Links
        4. The attachment plate which is bolted to the bow eye under a pile of silicon gook.

Note:  I also had to separate the jib halyard block from the forestay connection (they share a common location -- at least on the short rig) by adding a Boom Hound about four inches below the forestay attachment.  If this is not done, the sail will have a tendency to tangle with the forestay during furling.  Add $15 to total project cost for the Jib Hound. (another Dwyer item, DH856).

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