Photos from MA-XIV - 2016
The Port Townsend Route
by Jim Ferguson

XIV is almost a clone of XII. Some went the full route from Olympia to Port Townsend and back and some went the shorter trip joining and departing at Kingston.

Long Trippers departing Olympia
Old Number Two is looking better. Rick stripped the hull down to bare fiberglass, made proper repairs, and applied new gel coat. A job I would never have started.

Don Person used this shot on the calendar:

Long Branch again:

Anderson Island Prison again:

Tacoma Narrows again:

Photos skipped Gig Harbor. This is Blake Island:

Kingston. Met the second group:

Port Ludlow entrance:

Left Port Ludlow and joined those who anchored in Mats Mats Bay:

Arrive Port Townsend for the Wooden Boat Festival:

Great shot of five of the best:

Fellow on a world trip:


No photos between Port Townsend and Kingston. These dogs were at Kingston Marina. Russian wolfhounds maybe:

West Point Lighthouse I think. North of Seattle on that side of the sound:

Pretty nice shot of Seattle:

Can not visit Seattle waterfront without clam chowder and fish and chips at Ivar's:

Full moon over Seattle Great Wheel from Bell Harbor Marina. There are worse spots to stay:

Goodbye Seattle:

Alki Point Light:

He is a crazy one! A real blast to sail with:

Arabella's Marina in Gig Harbor. We didn't individually pay. We just took a slip for a large yacht and divided up the fee:

Not sure of this photo. The sequence indicates it is on my camera but that is not possible. I think someone sent me this and the numbers are a coincidence:

I think we made one long run from Gig Harbor to Olympia and hauled out.

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