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Greetings everyone:

Our arrival at Battle Island on Friday, July 31, basically heralded the end
of our journey from Thunder Bay to Rossport. Battle Island is the outer
island in the Rossport archipelago. As Bert, the Battle Island caretaker
said, "I'm not isolated, Rossport is only 20 minutes away".

Even so, we did not want to arrive in Rossport until Monday so we
decided to travel over to an anchorage located between Barr and Wilson
Islands. This turned out to be wonderful spot where we ended up
staying for two nights. The anchorage is a secluded cove, which we
had to ourselves. The water is deep enough that we could tie up to
shore and still have the dagger board down half way. Also, there is a
short trail which brings you to another fabulous Lake Superior pebble
beach. We spent a lot of time exploring the beach and collecting more

On Monday we motored into Rossport as there was no wind. The trip
took about one hour which landed us in Rossport at 11:30. We moored
the boat at the government dock for $12 per night. The government dock
in Rossport is an interesting place. There were five other sail boats
there, four of which were American. There was also lots of activity with
boats coming and going for fuel and pump out services.

We spent the day lazing on the dock, wandering through the town,
playing at the local play ground and swimming at the public beach. We
capped the day off with a wonderful meal at the Rossport Inn, a historic
hotel fronting the railway tracks.

I then caught the bus back to Thunder Bay to get the truck and trailer. I
was asleep on the boat by one a.m.

The Tuesday haulout went flawlessly. We had a lot of big boat sailors
watching how well the Potter is set up for trailering. We were back
home by 14:00.

My next posting will be the last on this cruise. I will compile a list of some
of the equipment which we took along with us ( I am always interested in
hearing how other sailors have equipped their boats) along with some of
the reasons for our choices.

P-19 #953 "Water Wings"
Thunder Bay, Lake Superior