Seller's Remorse Remedied
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 12:31:49 EDT

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Dear Web Gang:
Since I sold P-15 Onslow #1249 this spring to a very fine gentlemen in Dallas
I have suffered Seller's Remorse. Yesterday I remedied the disease by
purchasing another P-15 #2098. I'm going to be busy today cleaning it up,
I now have a factory installed ladder which I am very happy about. I am
going to have to have sail slugs and reefing placed in my new colored (blue &
white) mainsail. It lacks the fittings I was accustomed to for jiffy reefing,
etc., but I can enjoy resolving that problem. I am concerned whether my light
duty home riveting implement will be sufficient.
I now have the Garges trailer which is very interesting. It is galvanized.
It appears much sturdier than the tilt up trailer I had previously. It has 10
inch wheels as opposed to my previous 8 inch wheels. I believe the Garges
trailer travels much better on the highway. I hope this isn't the trailer
everyone is complaining about. It looks great to me. I haven't launched from
it yet, however.
I miss the aluminum rudder blade I had on my 1983 P-15. The new P-15 has a
very attractive wooden rudder blade. The new boat's main halyard utilizes a
fitting on the top of the mast as opposed to the cheek fitting on the side of
the mast with my 1983 P-15. There are many little improvements on the 1994
model that in total make it a much nicer boat.
The one thing that the 1983 model has is the very large protective and
attractive rub rail about the boat. The 1994 model has a much narrower but
yet sufficient rub rail.
I have an intuitive feeling that the 1983 P-15 centerboard was only 70 pounds
and the new centerboard on the 1994 might actually be 100 pounds giving it
better sailing qualities. I checked and could find no ballast cement blocks
in the 1994 model. I'm guessing, but they might have made a heavier
centerboard in lieu of the ballast blocks.
This note is merely to share my happiness in remedying my prior seller's
remorse. I would like to know if the light duty riveting implements might be
sufficient for setting up halyard and jiffy reefing fittings on the boom and

Richard S. Karam
P-15 #2098
Oklahoma City