Re: P14/15 centerboard resting on trailer roller

Rich Duffy (
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 23:27:34 -1000

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On mine, there is a small structure made of 2x4s under the v-berth.
It runs from the centerboard trunk forward about 30 inches to a half-
bulkhead. It is built exactly like a platform-framed wall, except
that the three "studs" are only four or five inches tall. The front
part of the structure supports the mast step. The back part served as
a mounting surface for *wood screws* that held the eyestraps that
held the blocks that held the centerboard.

Looks like maybe they were inch-and-a-quarter No. 8s.

My boat is a lot older than yours, so doubtlessly there have been
changes. But it seems likely to me that there is solid support from
the mast back to the centerboard trunk. It looks to me like this
structure was designed to work together with the centerboard trunk as
a substantial stringer, imparting some overall structural strength.

This strength would be lost if someone decided to save 25 cents in
lumber and a half-pound of weight and *not* to bridge the twelve-inch
gap from the mast to the CB trunk.

I suppose you could test by banging or drilling. If you have a
trailer roller under your CB, you could just tie the thing up less
than super-tight, such that any hard bumps simply send the CB
smacking into the trailer, sparing the screws.

Since I'm only now assembling things here, (and have nothing remotely
resembling such a high-falutin' thing as a "liner") I'll probably go
along with Tom's suggestion of through bolts and rig your neat nylon
line idea.

> As to gaining access to the aforementioned screws that hold the centerboard
> tackle to the liner, I don't think it can be done without cutting an access
> hole in the liner. There is a piece of plywood glassed in just forward of
> the CB trunk but aft of the screws. I have to assume, then, that either the
> hardware was put in with nuts and washers before the plywood was blocked
> access or that there are self tapping screws there. I'm hesitant to remove
> one to find out. Can you hear the sound of a little nut dropping into the
> bilge..........??
> Dave Kautz
> P-15 #1632 "Tilly Lucy"
> Palo Alto, CA

Rich Duffy
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