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Ted Duke (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 19:22:04 -0500

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SF & gang,

I am sending this to reply to all of you who expressed ideas and asked questions
about the pimply blisters I discovered when I pulled my Potter out of the water.
Smallpox sounds more descriptive.

The blisters are all real small and cover maybe 1/6th of the underwater portion of
the boat. None are deep or ugly. Just like a rash. They are randomly scattered
but heavier on the left side below the water line and left bottom and on the
stern. They don't seem to be related to anything inside the boat, like foam
blocks. They were not there in August when I put her in the water. She was at a
slip in a fresh water lake.

There was a very little bit of water in the pan under the cockpit from a cockpit
drain leak, virtually none in the bilge, I cleaned it up with a sponge, one
squeeze. That's why I was so suprised. I have had a fan blowing inside since I
took her out of the water (she's in my barn) and many, but not all blisters have

She has never had bottom paint as she has been used almost always in lakes.

I will look into what to do later this month when I'm not so busy at work and try
to get it done before end of March or maybe ignore it until next fall and just
trailer her this summer.

Ted wrote:

> Were blisters more pronounced under foam blocks? Or are they evenly spaced all
> over bottom? Were your bilges always dry or was there standing water in
> there?
> Blisters are not the end of world. It's like zits... You eventually find a
> cure that works for you. Most people I know just remove bottom paint, sand,
> prime and paint 3 coats Epoxy Resin on bottom then let it be...
> Good luck!
> SF