Winch Bow Eye

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Fri, 19 Feb 1999 18:30:12 -0800

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Hello Ron, and Judith, and the bunch,

I am so proud to see Windsong has become a unique part of Potter history!
Last summer a guy comes up to me at a marina up north and recognizes us
only from the bone-chilling tale he saw on the web about our Rocky Mountain
Rig-a-ma-role. Not "Hey, cute boat!", or "Is that a West Wight Potter?",
but "I read about your boat jumping off its trailer on I-90 on the
Internet!" ("and I still think I'd like to get one!"). Whew.

I seriously hope nobody is relying upon those bow eyes to hold their boats
on their trailers. It is absolutely necessary to use additional tie-downs -
the more the merrier in my (experienced) opinion. It's one thing to pull
the boat out of the water with the 'eye', but quite another to expect it to
hold the whole kit and kaboodle onto the trailer when an axle breaks.

The news from the soggy/windy Puget Sound area goes like this: boat still
under the tarp, new rudder still not rigged for use, though 1st mate
Valerie had an interesting idea: "Why not put 2 sets of pintles on it? One
set at the normal location, and another set at about 'half-depth'."
Hmmmm....I says to myself, a possible winner for Judith's award for
over-imagineering? I will look into it, looking for conflicts with the
backstay, etc., but I honestly think it may be an answer for our type of
cruising. When entering shallow waters, whe could easily crank up the CB
(CenterBoard) about half way, and then pop out the rudder and move it to
the 'shallow' position.'s so crazy it just might work!

Daffodils are up and about to bloom, sailing is coming soon!!!

Tom & Valerie,
P19 Windsong #352
Whidbey Island, WA