really smart potter owners

John Berling (
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 07:45:11 -0600

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Hi Everyone,
I joined this listserv about two months ago as I began my search for
a WWP15. The "For Sale" link on one of the Potter pages was where I
found the boat I eventually bought, so I can testify to its usefulness.
It's interesting that during my search I called one dealer, in
California, who I though might arrange to "ship" a boat (OK, bad pun, I
admit), and he said "Yeah, you know, this Potter thing is kind of weird;
the owners are like some kind of cult." Hmmmm, right; yeah, that's a
strong, but I do think the listserv and various Potter pages show just
how much Potter owners love their little boats!
I know mine is sitting in my garage now, and -- even though its about
10 degrees below zero outside with the windchill -- I feel compelled to
simply go and look at it every few days...
Of course, dreaming about sailing is much more fun than the thing I
should be doing -- namely, studying for my upcoming MA exam (English
Lit). Which brings me to the point of all this; I've noticed on the
listserv that there seem to be quite a few folks from Academia who are
Potter owners (or maybe I have that backward?). At the risk of making
the logical error of confusing advanced degrees with intelligence, this
makes me wonder: how many (what percentage) of Potter owners have
degrees? advanced degrees? and what does that say about us?
So, I propose the following highly unscientific and informal survey:
send me
your stats; age, degree(s), field(s), and I will compile them and post
the results in one month. Please send this info directly to me, not to
the listserv; I'd hate to be responsible for "clogging it up."

Impatient for Spring,