Re: Available: Piece of a Potter Mast

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Wed, 24 Feb 1999 10:20:38 -0800

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If you wanted to convert a "modern" P15 to a gunter rig, you could cut off
the bent mast just above where the stays attach. Then all you would need
would be the gunter spar to which the luff of the main attaches and some
miscellaneous hardware.

This isn't such a far out idea. There are advantages to a gunter rig, but
they seem to be more appreciated in the UK than in the US. The Feb. 1 issue
of Messing About in Boats has an article about converting a Sanibel 18 to a
gunter rig. The same thing could be done on a Potter 19 (which is also an
18 footer). The only drawback would be that you could no longer use a
backstay. This conversion might work especially well on a short rig P19,
which can't readily use a backstay because the boom extends over the

Of course all the early Potters, on both sides of the Pond, had gunter
rigs, as does the new E-Type Potter 14 built in Dorset, England.

The author who converted his Sanibel 18 to a gunter rig calculated that
cutting off 7 lbs (4 ft) of his 22 ft mast reduced the effort required to
raise it by 35 lb, because of the leverage involved. His gunter spar was
an 8 ft length of 1-inch-OD tubing with a snug-fitting piece of dowel
inside. He was able to use his existing sail without modification. (That
is the same size tubing used on a Sunfish rig and seems a little small, but
may be OK since there isn't much sail area above where the gunter spar
meets the mast. The less weight aloft the better.

Harry Gordon
P14 #234, Manatee
Mountain View, CA

>I have most of a P-15 mast, albeit with a slight bend at the top (don't
>ask - done by a previous owner and his spinnaker). It's taking up room in
>my garage and I have no use for it (at least 'till I get rid of it). Does
>anyone have need of such?
>If people email me with innovative uses for a piece of P-15 mast, I'll
>record, summarize and repost for the education of all.
>Cheers -- dwf
>"In a power boat, you get there in a hurry, in a sailboat, you are already
>there" V-17 #36; M-15 #189; P-15 #1086 "PELICAN" - Ridgecrest, CA