Re: Penny-pinching Potter-ers

The Costas (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 22:32:02 -0800

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JB wrote:
>I admit that I HAVE put about $3000 into upgrading Redwing, as Larry
>But I prefer to look at my boat from another perspective. I put *ONLY*
>(not counting the new trailer) into renovating Redwing. That means I've
>*ONLY* $5500 in the boat.

Sorry Judy, but $3000 must be the magic number for P-19 retros. I didn't
know how much you had spent on Redwing, but was quoting the amount that I
heard Maurice spent on his "new" P-19 to get it "Bay" ready.

As to "out of the box, I don't think I have ever said that a new P-19 comes
ready to tackle the tough stuff. There are at least six things that a
factory boat needs before I feel it would be "right".

1. Fix that damn mainsheet! I can't believe that LH is still sending
them out with an unbalanced rig on the mainsheet.

2. Add a backstay. I have seen first hand the gyrations that a P-19
mast goes through without one.

3. Lead the lines aft to the cockpit.

4. Add a downhaul to the jib.

5. Transom ladder, I can't believe that these aren't standard.

6. Add a boom vang. This keeps the boom from doing the "turkey wing".

These are safety items and should be standard on all boats.

Other things that I feel should be done at the factory:

An upgrade to the hull and deck should be standard. I can attest to what
problems a thin hull can give you.

A little thing like changing the shape of the "V" birth hatch so it will
fold all the way back to the hull when opened and not drop back down on your

More reinforcement to the areas of the deck under the pulpit and bow chock
attachment points.

Find new locations for the battery and water tanks so they don't take up the
two most usable storage places on the boat.

Stronger transom.

This is not a complete list but just a few ideas off the top of my head.