First outing!

Stephan Marceau (
Mon, 17 May 1999 13:24:56 -0400

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Saturday, was my first time trying to go sailing with our P19. I bought
it a few weeks ago.
I say trying...because I was not totally successful...My sailing
experience is two years of dinghies
(Lasers and Albacores), and a few times on a C&C 32.

I took my time to rig (2 hours!), and I think got everything as it
should be, the only part I was not
sure was how to rig the first reefing on the main. I know I have an
example somewhere in a book.
There is a line and blocks underneath each point to pass the line so
that I can just pull it down from the
cockpit when needed. No worry, it wasn't too windy, and my wife was
starting to think it was taking me
too long. I have the short rig, and found fairly easy to set up the mast
all by myself.

So, now comes the time to launch...Pull back dip the back tires on the
water...and the boat does not
want to go. Not event budge! Okay perhaps I need to back up more..., now
my front wheel are just above the
waterline! Still, does not budge, I go into the water, I have water
above my knee (2.5feet) at the tongue, I manage to push
it off 6 inches back...Phew...I'm exausted...I jump in the boat, try to
start the engine (an 86 Yamaha 6HP), but no
luck, so now, I have to read the manual which is home, I thought this
was going to be the easy part. I know there
is a tilt thingie on the trailer but figured that I should not trying
going without the engine, so I decided to abort.
I could almost hear the powerboaters snickering, I felt really
stupid...but none offered to help.

Anyways, I pull the boat back out without any problems. and unrigged

So, a few questions...

The trailer has bunks, would rollers be easier? I regret not thinking
and looking at the time, but perhaps, the
trailer was actually floating under the boat, the tires are much wider
and bigger than the 8" I see at the store, but
not sure how big they are...Has anybody experienced this? Is this
supposed to be this difficult? Should I add a steel
bar for weight on the trailer, I hope not...

Also, if I decide that I can't stand this motor, would anybody recommend
something else? How about an electric one
for a 19? I only need it to navigate the L-shape channel out to the lake
(1/4). Lake Ontario has very predictable winds
between 5-20 (avg)

Any other suggestions appreciated...

Stéphan Marceau
P19 #612 Marsail
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