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"Nature's calls" are always a problem on small boats. There has been a fair
amount of discussion on this list about the problem and possible solutions
for the P-14/15. Of course it's not a problem with the P-19.
Obviously the solutions tend to be gender based.
For guys, a laundry detergent bottle with a bit of the non-formaldehyde blue
porta-potti deodorant works well. For shorter days (or fewer cold ones) the
small "Woolite" containers are great. An old pilot's trick is a zip-lock
bag or other sealable container with a dry sponge in it. One can also buy
male or female urinals at hospital/medical supply stores.
For women, Pilot Supply shops at airport FBO's and places like REI sell
"adapters" which purportedly allow "easy" use of the male approaches above.
For either, in the ultimate emergency (and I'm quoting here) there's always
the open top of the centerboard trunk.

For - how can I put this with the requisite niceness and delicacy - "the
other" (;>)
Porta-potties are just too tall for enclosed seated use in the small
Potters, or as a friend put it -"ain't no way". One couple uses and
recommends the small, low-profile oil-change basins sold at Pep-boys, Chief,
Kmart, and such. These have a removable grid across the opening and a
screw-on cap which retains the contents. They also have a side drain outlet
with a screw-on cap. An initial bit of the deodorant (as above) is probably
helpful. These again are not really low enough profile for enclosed seated
use, but they are considerably lower than porta-pottis. I don't remember
who it was that suggested these, but if you're still about, please comment.

I hope I haven't offended anyone's finer sensibilities. Whatever anyone can
add to the above may help someone enjoy their sailing more.

-- dwf
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