Trailer w/ motor followup

David Reiss (
Sun, 30 May 1999 22:24:12 -0400

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In response to Solar Fry s' email

The problem is not motor mount but motor itself. As you haul ass down road
and hit lil bumps and potholes on road motor lower unit bounces up and down
acting like a hammer against mount. A couple of big potholes and all 60 lbs
of motor act like a jackhammer against mount and by default transom gets a
bashing. If you could prevent motor from bouncing on transom you could
reasonably expect to transport motor on its bracket.

If you don't believe above comments follow your boat in a separate car as
your partner tows it over dip and holes. You'll see...


>> Comments...absolutely. If you don't agree w/ SF try the following. W/ boat
on trailer Pull on motor, bounce it up and down. An watch your transom flex.
It does. Now try it on a highway at 60mph...uh maybe not.

I beefed up my transom on my 97 potter 19 for 50 bucks.
I had a local sheet metal shop cut me
two scrap peices of 3/8" aluminum, one 14" X 14", one 14" X 20".

Remove motor mount, cut holes in aluminum, ( a soft metal so do-able w/
standard drill. Place 14X14 piece on ouside transom under motor mount.
Place 14X20 peice on iside of transom. It fits (Take out cushions 1st).
Replace existing now too short bolts with longer versions with big washers.

Install looks clean, and transom plates, especially the inside 14X20 really
spreads out the load nicely. After install I tried to flex the
transom...solid as a rock.

A picture of this mod is at in Stories
section under Avid Sailer.

The motor I had was a honda 8hp 4 stroke long shaft...90lbs.

Dave Reiss
formerly 97 WWP #941 "Avid Sailor"
currently 72 Pearson 26 "Randi"
Wash, DC. Potomac River.