Re: Bilge Wash (was check list)
Mon, 31 May 1999 01:43:56 EDT

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> The
> potential failure I worry about would be of the hose that connects the
> drains (actually thru-hulls) in the cockpit sole with the thru-hull
> outlets in the transom.

Hi Bill , Ted et al,

My 1985 P19 doesn't have a bilge drain plug.

But it does have a hull-through in the transom, with a hose connecting it to
the other thru-hull that serves as the cockpit drain. That's two holes in
the hull where springing a leak could sink my boat. The transom hole may be
above the water line most of the time, but if I got swamped by a way, it
would be below the water line.

One of the very first things I did when I got the boat was to replace the
vinyl hose (very thin wall with a sprial spring encased in the wall) with a
very thick-walled, reinforced, heat resistant, chemical resistant quality
marine hose. New stainless hose clamps too. I was concerned that I might
break the hose when I stuff gear down the quarter berths. The original hose
was thin that it would be easy to tear it.

I also replaced the thru-hull and thru-sole (of the cockpit) fittings, since
the 1985 had really fragile, nyon fittings (the newer late 90's fittings are
better). While removing both of the old ones, I found splits and cracks in
the fittings which had been leaking, dripping water down the hose into the
"catch well" at the very rear of the cabin under the cockpit.

The final thing I did was to get two big, soft-wood, tapered plugs at the
chandlery for about $1.50 each and hang them on string way back in the boat
under the transom, near the drain fittings. I figured I'd rather be
well-prepared than sorry if anything ever breaks.